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By Pediatrics At 1180
June 18, 2018
Category: Child Health
Tags: Nutrition  

Your child is growing by leaps and bounds, so it should go without saying that the foods they consume can provide ample energy and fuel their mind and body, or they can cause deficiencies, mood swings, sluggishness, and health problems. Your child’s nutrition is of the utmost importance and establishing healthy eating habits early on can greatly benefit your child for both the short-term and for the future.

With childhood obesity still being a very serious and real problem in our country, it’s never too early to start your child eating a healthy, balanced diet. It’s amazing how what you eat can either help or harm your health. Here are some tips to support good nutrition in your little one.

Don’t Forget Breakfast

While busy parents might forget to eat first thing in the morning (or turn to coffee to get that burst of energy) growing children should not skip out on breakfast. Making sure they have a hearty protein-rich breakfast will help them stay fuller longer. Greek yogurt or eggs can be a great source of protein. Couple that with whole grains and some veggies and you have the ultimate, energized breakfast.

Let Your Child Be an Active Participant

If you just tell your child what to eat all the time it’s can be far more challenging to have them eat what they should and children don’t really understand for themselves why certain foods are good for them. Getting your child actively involved in their own nutrition is a great and invaluable lesson that they will carry with them throughout life. Let them choose their favorite fruits and vegetables. Plant a garden together and show them how to tend to herbs and vegetables. Make cooking together a priority and enjoy time with the family while teaching your child how to cook.

Revamp Your Diet

We know that it can be difficult to completely transition your child into a healthier lifestyle, particularly if eating habits haven’t been the best so far; however, a pediatrician can help guide you through the process to help you make simple decisions that could greatly improve your child’s diet. Simply swapping out certain unhealthy options for healthier ones might be all you need. For example, replace soda with flavored water, ice cream with yogurt, and potato chips with mixed nuts.

Sugar in Moderation

Okay, we know it’s impossible to prevent your child from ever consuming sugar (after all, what’s a birthday party without the birthday cake?); however, you should limit how much sugar your child consumes each day. Keep sodas, sports drinks, desserts and the like out of the house to prevent temptation. Sure, these treats aren’t that bad for you when consumed sparingly, but we all know the negative effect sugar has on our physical and mental health.

If you have questions about your child’s nutritional habits or their health, it’s important that you have a pediatrician that you trust to provide you with the comprehensive and understanding care you and your little one need. Turn to a pediatrician today to have all your questions and concerns addressed regarding your child’s nutrition and lifestyle.

By Pediatrics At 1180
June 01, 2018
Category: Child Care
Tags: Well Child Visits  

You call your Brookline, MA, pediatrician for your child's acute illnesses or problems--that painful earache, the flu or suturing of a small well child eamlaceration. However, the professional staff at Pediatrics at 1180 wants to see your child more often for what the American Academy of Pediatrics calls a well-child visit. Find out why these periodic exams are important to your child's health and well-being.

They start early

Your child's first well-child visit is in the hospital when he or she is a newborn. Then, visits continue at regular intervals throughout childhood and adolescence until age 21. Your Brookline pediatrician checks vital signs, height, weight, vision, hearing, and developmental milestones and possible delays (speech, learning, walking, puberty). Also, the doctor provides those critical immunizations, conferring protection against communicable diseases.

Additionally, well-child visits give parent and doctor opportunity to discuss:

  • Safety issues (car seats, involvement in sports)
  • Behavioral and learning issues
  • Family dynamics
  • Exercise and fitness level
  • Nutrition, including information on and help with breastfeeding and bottle feeding

A place for growth and care

The American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to think of their pediatrician's office as the "medical home" for their children. The doctor partners with Mom and Dad, coordinating ancillary services such as orthopedics, psychological testing, and more as needed.

Your pediatrician also maintains your child's health record all the way through college, providing physicals for sports, camp, and other extracurricular activities. The staff at Pediatrics at 1180 routinely updates health records with every well-child visit.

Special needs

As your pediatrician gets to know you and your child well, he or she can anticipate a variety of care needs, including those very special needs children with emotional, developmental or physical delays or impairments have. Many times, your pediatrician can prevent larger health problems and their impact on the patient and family with some early interventions.

Partner with us

At Pediatrics at 1180, the physicians and support team offer wise and compassionate well-child care. Would you care to join us in helping your child grow into a healthy young adult? Please call our office at (617) 232-2915 for an appointment or with any question or concern you may have.