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By Pediatrics At 1180
December 18, 2018
Category: Child Care

Find out if your child’s diet could be benefiting or hurting their health.

Keeping your child healthy begins at home. In order to grow up healthy and strong, children need to be eating a proper diet. Not only does your child’s diet provide them with all the vital nutrients they need for development, but it can also protect them from developing some chronic and serious health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. From the office of our Brookline, MA, pediatricians, here are some dietary guidelines and tips to follow in order to keep your child healthy.

According to the CDC, children and teens between the ages of 2-18 years old consume a lot of empty calories from unhealthy fats and added sugar, which can make up as much as 40 percent of their daily calories. This includes foods and drinks such as soda, ice cream, pastries, pizza, and whole milk. Plus, children often aren’t drinking enough water. This leads to children being overweight or obese, which can also greatly impact their health and increase their risk of developing serious health problems in the future.


Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child

Here are some tips for you and your child to follow when it comes to eating a healthy diet,

  • Drinking enough water can actually improve the cognitive function of both children and teens, which can then improve their school performance, according to the CDC.
  • Making sure that your child gets a balanced breakfast every morning can also improve cognition and mood.
  • Reduce sugar consumption and replace that food with healthier choices. For example, exchange packaged granola bars with whole fruit and a handful of nuts.
  • Opt for a diet rich in fruits and veggies, lean meats (e.g. poultry; fish), whole grains, low-fat dairy, and some healthy fats (e.g. avocados; olive oil).
  • Stay away from foods that have added sugar or are high in sodium.
  • Avoid packaged foods or junk food.
  • Opt for healthier snacks such as low-fat string cheese, whole grain rice cakes, and raw veggies and hummus.

It’s important to turn to your children’s doctor in Brookline, MA, if you aren’t sure that your child is getting the proper nutrients and foods they need to stay healthy. Also, if you are having trouble managing your child’s weight through healthy diet and regular exercise, it’s time to talk to our pediatricians about ways to help them drop the excess weight to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Call Us Today!

We know that your child requires different nutritional needs as they get older, and the medical team here at Pediatrics at 1180 in Brookline, MA, is ready to provide you with the preventive care and tips you need to make sure that your child leads a healthy life. Call us today at (617) 232-2915 to learn more about your child’s nutritional needs.